Tekta Care Circle



Individual care for the elderly belongs to everyone

Tekta develops tools that meet the global challenges of the elderly care. With our solution, You can achieve a care experience and a sense of security corresponding to individualized needs, both at home and in enhanced assisted living care. Tekta is designed for multinational, multi-ethnic and multilinqual elderly and home care.

Tekta Care Circle elderly care service platform

Tekta Care Circle is the answer to the three most difficult global challenges:

1. The decrease in the number of family caregivers and nurses
2. The insecurity that comes with aging - including the personal security
3. The poverty of the elderly

In addition to basic services designed in a new way, the system offers tools for broader retirement age security. Despite the deterioration of the individual's ability to function, the basic functions of everyday life must be secured.

Tekta system readiness level

Phase: programming | Next phase: initial testing



Mika Myllylä

Finnish multidisciplinary innovator and business sparring partner. Designer of global product and service concepts. Ten years of work experience in the social and health sector.